Trust an Experienced, Professional Company with Your Home - PTI Hardwoods
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Trust an Experienced, Professional Company with Your Home

If you had a leak in the bathroom, would you choose the cheapest plumber available or prefer the one that gave trusted and reliable results? If you came home from work and realized that your home was without power, would you opt for anything but the most qualified electrician? The answer to these questions is altogether obvious to the responsible homeowner. Why, then, would anyone choose but the best and most reputable service for any of their flooring installation and renovation needs?

Whether one wishes to install a brand new hardwood floor, to restore an older floor to its original luster or is looking to remodel an existing bathroom or kitchen, only the most professional service and installation will do. PTI Hardwoods appreciates these needs and provides the homeowner with a wide selection of choices, textures, colors and materials to choose from. Boasting more than 25 years of experience in flooring maintenance, renovation and installations, coupled with experience performing bathroom and kitchen remodels, PTI Hardwoods brings both professionalism and industry knowledge to any home.

From upgrading kitchens, countertops, and backsplashes to installing a pristine Walnut hardwood floor, this company can accommodate even the most discriminating of desires. Projects are completed in a timely fashion and with a minimal disruption of living space. PTI believes that flooring installation is an art as much as it is a profession, and the numerous examples of the quality work performed directly reflect this belief. It is for these reasons that PTI Hardwoods has become one of the industry leaders in professional flooring installations and home renovations.

Just as one cannot place a price on their most prized possessions, a durable and beautiful floor, a custom kitchen, and a grand bathroom can give an immeasurable value to any residence. PTI understands this idea and we pride ourselves on turning properties into homes.

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