Tips on Cleaning & Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors - PTI Hardwoods
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Tips on Cleaning & Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Quality hardwoods can easily last a lifetime if maintained and cared for properly. With Christmas and other holidays quickly approaching, it’s a great time to give a little “TLC” to your hardwoods. Have a stain from Aunt Betty that just won’t go away? Follow the cleaning tips below and get your floor ready to be seen by friends and family!


  • Doormats and Rugs
    • Shoes carry dirt particles that will scratch the surface of your hardwood floors and will result in faster aging. Placing a rug in front of doors will help remove some of the dirt. For high traffic areas, use non-staining rugs to protect the surface. Never place mats or rugs near your sink or dishwasher as water may be an issue in these areas.
  • Furniture Protectors
    • Placing furniture protectors (felt pads) on the bottom of all the legs of your furniture will keep it from scratching the wood when it is moved.
  • Regular Sweeping
    •  Sweep floors daily to remove dust, dirt, and debris, minimizing damage to the surface. You can also vacuum as long as it does not have a beater bar.
  • Spills
    • Immediately wipe up all spills to avoid any excess moisture seeping into the wood.
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