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PETS & Hardwoods

If you are one of the more than 60% of Americans who have a four legged friend in the family, you may think that having a hardwood floor in your home is not an option. Won’t they damage the hardwood floor? How would I protect it from them? There are many excellent options that will minimize the appearance of pet wear and tear and maximize the appearance of your home.

Your pet’s claws pose the greatest threat to a hardwood floor. When choosing the kind of wood you’d like to use, you will definitely want to stay away from the softer hardwoods like pine and fir. Instead, choose a hardwood that is, in fact, hard. Brazillian hardwoods are an excellent choice. They are so hard and dense that they are often used for outside structures like decks. Hard Maple is also a great choice, and it has the added perk of being a domestically grown wood. If you’d like to consider this option, be sure that you look specifically for the Hard Maple as it is not the same as a regular maple floor. Also, remember to keep your dog or cat’s claws trimmed regularly.

Color is another factor to consider when choosing your hardwood floor. If you have an animal that sheds you might consider choosing a color that matches your pet’s hair. If shedding is not an issue, the lighter shades of wood tend to hide scuffs and scratches better than the darker shades.

The graining of your floor is also important. The stronger the graining, the better your floor will hide claw marks and wear. Red oak is a wonderful example of a stronger grained wood and would be an excellent choice.

Pet owners should also strongly consider using a hand scraped or distressed hardwood finish. This is a technique where the scratches and dents would blend in perfectly. It is a style that may not be right for everyone but is worth considering when a pet is in the picture.

Don’t let your pet hold you back from having the custom hardwood flooring you’ve always wanted. Call us today to hear more hardwood options for pet lovers!


(photo: iMorpheus via Flickr)

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