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PTI Hardwoods

Cleaning Hardwoods & Removing Stains

How to Clean Your Hardwoods if They Have a Surface-Sealed Finish:

  1. Sweep floor to remove dirt and dust particles.
  2. Mop carefully using a solution of water and dish detergent (or other solution made especially for surface-sealed hardwood floors). Remember to never let standing water sit on your floor.
  3. Buff your floor with a clean, soft towel until completely dry.

How to Clean Your Hardwoods if They Have Any Other Type of Finish:

  1. Sweep floor to remove dirt and dust particles.
  2. Use a soft, dry cloth to buff away any stains or scuffs.
  3. Use a liquid wax stripper designed for your floor’s particular finish, following the manufacturer’s directions exactly. Then allow the floor to dry.
  4. Use a wax formula made especially for your floor’s particular finish type and apply a thin layer according to the manufacturer’s directions. Allow time for the wax to dry and then apply a second coat if necessary.
  5. Rent a buffing machine or use a dry, soft towel to polish your floor to a nice shine.
  6. Do not use any kind of wax finish on urethane floor finishes. Once the wax is used it must remain wax unless the floor is refinished.


Depending on the type of stain to be removed, they are specific ways to treat it:

  • Water – Use sandpaper or steel wool to remove, and then refinish.
  • Cigarette Burns – Dampen a piece of steel wool and use it to remove stain.
  • Heel Marks – Rub vigorously with steel wool to clean floor.
  • Ink – Wash the area using steel wool and floor cleaner. If cleaning is unsuccessful, sand the spot and refinish.
  • Gum – Harden with ice until brittle, then break off. Clean with a cloth to remove any gum that remained.

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