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Classic Trends

Some trends go away within the blink of an eye, while others stay around until they eventually become staples. If you are concerned with making your home too trendy, here are some remodeling ideas that are proven to have staying power:

  • Open Floor Plans:
    • Homes first started favoring open layouts in the 1980’s. An open floor plan makes a home feel larger and allows for more natural light to flow from room to room. The kitchen and living spaces most often become combined so the ones cooking can still mingle with family and guests.
  • Big Kitchens:
    • Kitchens are the heart of the home and the place families gather. A big, inviting kitchen makes cooking enjoyable.
  • Lots of Natural Light:
    • Natural light makes a home feel more open, bringing the outdoors in. It has been said by psychologists that a consistently well lit room is better for a person’s mood than a consistently dark room.
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