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Stone What's It All About?

April 08, 2012

Stone concepts are becoming increasingly popular in the custom project market. Unique and beautiful stone can turn any remodeling project into the ultimate finished design with such distinguishing qualities that everyone who visits your home will ask how they can get that same natural, comfortable feel for their own homes. 

A wide range of stone products are available to incorporate into any project, including floors, countertops, and walls, decorative - inside and out. The uniqueness of stone products make it possible to create a warm feeling in the larger rooms of your home that invites guests in and leaves them with feelings of comfort and ease in a natural setting.

In addition, distinctive stone items will also work in smaller of spaces to catch visitors' attention at first glance and seem as though the stonework fits the space perfectly, making the layout complete. The functional design of stone is exactly what you need to make your home unique.

Give your home a unique look that is long lasting, ageless and solemn. Natural stone makes any home feel special, providing an unforgettable setting that will make all of your visitors jealous. Make your living area compelling and make it exceptional by making it all about stone. From countertops and walls to subtle accents, from irreplaceable settings to classic looks, stone creates an air of specialty.

In the Kitchen

In recent years, the more conventional kitchen design concepts have been challenged by the desire to create unique design styles. One of the most tremendously popular trends in kitchen design these days is the use of natural stones.

Combining the natural, feel of stone floors with the elegance of suspended lights creates a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Natural stone tiles have character and depth that you just cannot get from ceramic tile. Stone is a product of nature, which means that no two pieces are exactly alike. The inimitable natural shading and texture of each stone increases the exceptional beauty of accents, floor tile, listellos and murals.

In the Bath

Stone provides the bath with a natural element that is unlike any other material. The imperfect, rough look of stone tile gives the bath rustic character. The stone tile in the shower can be installed over a waterproof membrane to help withstand moisture effectively.

This high-quality material instantly adds elegance to any bath, introducing nature-inspired hues that provide a neutral color scheme that is as calming as a day at the spa. Wrapped in the beauty of natural stone, your bath will boast a sophisticated, traditional style.

Stone tile on the walls and floor provide textural interest in the bath and balances the vibrant colors of the cabinetry. Mixing colors and styles of stone will create a beautiful high-end look in any bath.

Natural stone has been around for centuries as an elegant and respected building material in the architecture of Rome, Greece and in famous structures such as the Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Even today, stone is an illustrious material in construction because of its durability, environmental friendliness and visual appeal.

Stone such an incredible material due to the fact that it takes long to weather and erode, providing a solid foundation. There are several types of stone from which to choose, and it is available in many different colors, shapes and sizes to suit your project needs. Stone can be used throughout the home from fireplaces to floors; it can even be used to build an entire home. This material is one that should not be overlooked by anyone planning to build or remodel a home.

Posted April 08, 2012