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The Types of Hardwood Floors - RED OAK

October 19, 2012

Do you have wood floors? If so, there is a high probability that they are oak.  There are two types of oak. One is red oak and the other is white oak. Red oak usually has a pinkish hue, while white oak is often darker with a tan hue. They also have different densities, which means that the two can be stained with the same color stain and still not match. (WARNING! If you are trying to match a new wood floor with an existing one, be sure to have a professional assess what kind of wood the existing one is, or you could have an obvious mistake)

Red oak is the most popular type of hardwood flooring in the United States.  Here’s a quick guide for deciding if red oak is right for your home:


  • Cheaper type of hardwood
  • Abundant, easy to find
  • Grown in the US under environmental guidelines
  • Polishes and stains well, and it is easy to attain a custom color on it (the pinkish hue is less noticeable the darker the stain)
  • Has a pronounced wood grain which some view as adding character
  • Hides dents and scratches well due to its visible wood grain
  • Its sturdy wood works well in high-traffic areas
  • Great for people who have allergies since dust mites have nowhere to hide and it cleans easily of hair and dust (true for all kinds of hardwood floors)


  • Porous wood, so it is not recommended for bathrooms where standing water may be absorbed and cause the floor to warp or buckle
  • Common wood flooring choice (though a custom finish adds uniqueness)
  • Its prominent wood grain may be too busy looking for some
  • The lower the grade of red oak, the more likely it is to have knots and slight variations in color from plank to plank (some prefer this because it adds character)

If you have any questions regarding hardwood flooring, contact us! We are happy to help!
Check back soon for the rest of "The Types of Hardwood Floors" blog series. Next entry we will discuss white oak!

Posted October 19, 2012